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Sediment, muck, silt, sludge call it what you like
, these unwelcome materials can seriously affect and disrupt the function, usability and health of your aquatic environment. Sediment is a factor that needs to be dealt with in any body of water. If these or other materials have found their way into your waters, PCi Sediment Removal and Dredging Services can help you remove them in an efficient and cost effective manner, and with minimal impact on the natural landscape. Our services are professional and we are fully insured.

PCi will work closely with your lake or aquatic management service — if you have one — if not we can recommend companies that provide these services in your area. PCI Sediment Removal and Dredging Services utilizes a variety of methods to remove material from ponds, lakes and other aquatic environments. We welcome you to read further on into our site to learn more about our services, although we recommend you call or email Owner, Kent Petersen, to talk further about your specific dredging needs.

PCi Sediment Removal and Dredging Services can help you clean and restore: • Private Recreational Ponds • Municipal Ponds
• Golf Course Ponds • Storm Water Retention Ponds • Lakes and Navigational Channels • Weed Removal